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Dwint Family Health Care NP,  PLLC

1665 Bedford Avenue, STE 2                         111-56 76th Dr. STE, STE UL1

Broo‚Äčklyn, NY 11225                                        Forest Hills, NY 11375

Concierge Health & Wellness Provider

All Inclusive Health 

Service Prices

Compare the our health service packages and find the best fit for you. Health insurance is not accepted for payment with any of the packages we offer.  We are an integrative medicine focused provider. This  means many of our services your insurance will not cover. For those patients/clients with insurance, know that we will Always bill for health services that can be covered, to prevent out of pocket cost.

Primary Care Package - uninsured


Per Month

Best Package Offer

Initial Exam 1 hour

Four Primary Care follow-ups

One Telemedicine consult

One urgent care visit

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Primary Care Package

Wellness Package


Every 6 months

Best for General Upkeep

1 hour consultation in-person or Telemedicine

Two B 12 shots or alternatives

Vitamin Package for home use: Vitamin C, Zinc, B12 and Thiamine

Two Vitamin C infusion or multivitamin option

Wellness Package

Health & Wellness Consultation


Four every 12 months

Best for routine and urgent health related questions

Three 30 minutes consults

Two  15 minutes urgent consults

Two 20 minutes scheduled routine consults

One hour Health advocacy which can be utilized in 15 minute time frame over a one year period

Health & Wellness Consultation