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The Importance of Self-Care
Medical services: Dwint’s Family Health Care NP,LLC, operates with an added level of professionalism and practice skills and develop a positive relationship with our clients.
HPV vaccine is cancer prevention.
Update on the flu


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Patient/Client Care

Medical services: Dwint’s Family Health Care NP,LLC, operates with an added level of professionalism and practice skills and develop a positive relationship with our clients.

Are you a commercial driver? Do you operate a commercial vehicle? you may be required to obtain a Department of Transportation(DOT) medical certificate, issued by a medical professional,who is certified and listed on the National Registry’s,stating that you are physically qualified to operate a COMMERCIAL motor vehicle.

Dwint Family Health Care NP, PLLCspecializes in family health care inclusive of sport and work physicals; wellness and private duty nursing and consultation management.Diana A Wint is a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners

Microneedle Patch for Measles Vaccination Could Be a Game Changer. Twenty million people are affected by measles each year: Having a simple patch administered by minimally trained vaccinators could help increase vaccination coverage and achieve the goal of measles elimination.

A new microneedle patch being developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) could make it easier to vaccinate people against measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases. It is designed to be administered by minimally trained workers and to simplify storage, distribution, and disposal compared with conventional vaccines.

April is National Minority Health Month:take responsibility for your health and the health of your community: Support public and private initiatives that guarantee equal healthcare access and treatment, regardless of race, culture, or belief system.

Though health indicators such as life expectancy and infant mortality have improved for most Americans, some minorities experience a disproportionate burden of preventable disease, death, and disability compared with non-minorities.

Despite our country’s progress towards ending health disparities(differences in the quality of health care that are not due to access-related factors or clinical needs, preferences or appropriateness of interventions which systematically and negatively impact less advantaged groups

Abdominal pain may be minor and of no great significance, or it can reflect a major problem involving one of the organs in the abdomen.The characteristics of the pain -- location, timing, duration, etc. are important in diagnosing its cause. Persisting abdominal pain should be evaluated by a physician.

Abdominal pain(Pain in the belly)can be associated with a variety of conditions both within and outside of the abdomen. Abdominal pain can be acute and sudden in onset, or the pain can be chronic and longstanding. 

The cause of abdominal problems can be hard to pinpoint. Sometimes minor and serious abdominal problems start with the same symptoms.  Pain that increases with movement or coughing and does not appear to be caused by strained muscles is more likely to be a symptom of a serious problem.

Prenatal Care can help decrease the risk for problems by enabling health care providers to diagnose, treat, or manage conditions before they become serious.

 What is Prenatal care ???.........Prenatal Care is the care you receive from a health care provider, such as a doctor or midwife, during pregnancy. During prenatal care visits, your health care provider will make sure you and the developing fetus are healthy and strong. . " It is the care a woman gets before and during pregnancy".Prenatal care includes health care, education and counseling about how to handle and monitor the different stages of pregnancy 

Discovering that you are pregnant can be one of the most momentous occasions in your life.

School-age children, from preschoolers to college students, need vaccines. :Back-to-school season is in full effect. Children's health should be a priority for every family as children return to classrooms this fall.

As Summer draws to a close, Parents and families need to make sure that their children are up to date on their shots. School-age children, from preschoolers to college students, need vaccines.  A full examination can pick up other health problems.

Proper immunizations are an important way to keep your children healthy by preventing measles, chickenpox, hepatitis and other diseases.  Getting every recommended dose of each vaccine provides children with the best protection possible.

July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month. Umbilical cord blood, which is rich with blood-forming cells, may potentially save the life of someone who has a life-threatening disease.

The National Health Information Center has designated July as National Cord Blood Awareness Month.The mission is to encourage both the medical community as well as the public, especially expectant parents, to learn about the Importance of cord blood banking. 

What is cord blood?
The term "cord blood" is used to describe the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and the placenta after the birth of a baby. Up until recently this afterbirth was discarded as medical waste. After a baby is born,

Dwint Family Health Care; A Managed Health Care System For Everyone.

Manage your health, prevent diseases,and complications. Improve the quality of your life and extend your years of productivity and vitality. 

We at Dwint Family health Care NP LLC are dedicated to excellence in patient care.

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you. We Focus on health, wellness and prevention measures, Diagnosing, and managing chronic diseases.We emphasize health promotion and disease prevention

Thyroid Awareness get Tested and Treated Today

Thyroid Problems Should Be Taken Seriously, Know Your Status.

Are you feeling  more tired than usual?.
Is your hair falling out?. 
Are you experiencing excessive or prolonged Menstrual Bleeding?
Are you feeling bloated?
Is your heart racing?
Do you feel nervous and finding it hard to focus mentally?

 Did You Know it could be your Thyroid?

There is a full range of Thyroid Test and Treatment available for persons experiencing Thyroid problems so if your answer is yes to any or all of my questions, 

Testosterone May Increase CV, Death Risk

The Possibility thatTestosterone Therapy may actuallyIncrease Your Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack and Death, is a serious concern especially for male patients diagnosed with low testosterone level and is usingTestosterone Therapy.However, it has not yet being firmly concluded that this is so, therefore, you are advised not to discontinue your Testosterone Therapy without discussions with your Health Provider.

Now is a great time to review your Diet and Exercise Plan ,just to be sure you are practicing as Healthy a Lifestyle as possible.
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