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Your COUGH and you: While coughing and congestion can be temporarily relieved using over-the-counter medications, symptoms that last longer than a week should be evaluated by a doctor.

A cough is not always a medical problem, coughing occurs when the nerve endings in your airways become irritated. Although coughing can at times indicate the presence of some health condition or infection, coughing is known to be a process that helps in getting rid of the harmful substances from the respiratory tract.The air passages of the lungs are lined with cells secreting mucus, which normally traps particles of dust. When the membranes get infected and inflamed, the secretion of mucus increases and the lining of the air passages is irritated.

Down Syndrome: It is important to remember that while children and adults with Down syndrome experience developmental delays, they also have many talents and gifts and should be given the opportunity and encouragement to develop them.

Down Syndromeis a genetic condition that causes delays in physical and intellectual development. Down syndrome is not related to race, nationality, religion, socioeconomic status or anything the mother did during pregnancy.Down syndrome is the most common genetic chromosomal disorder and cause of learning disabilities in children.

Even though people with Down syndrome might act and look similar, each person has different abilities.  Raising a baby with Down Syndrome, or any baby with special needs, doesn't have to be the hardship many  people expect.

Know your Cholesterol level - Get a Blood Test-The higher the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood, the GREATER your chance is of getting heart disease. The higher the level of HDL cholesterol in your blood, the LOWER your chance is of getting heart disease.Too much cholesterol may cause gallstones.

Cholesterol itself isn't bad. It is an essential substance for the body's normal functioning, but if levels in the blood get too high, it becomes a silent danger that puts us at risk of a heart attack. 

We all have and need this wax-like substance in our bodies. Keeping your cholesterol levels healthy is a great way to keep your heart healthy – and lower your chances of getting heart disease or having a stroke.

  •  It is recommend that all adults age 20 or older have their cholesterol and other traditional risk factors checked every four to six years, and work with their healthcare providers to determine their risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke

If you have a family history of muscular dystrophy, you may want to consult a genetic counselor before having children. Muscular dystrophy, (MD) is a group of disorders that cause the body's muscles to become increasingly weak. Muscular dystrophy is an inherited condition

Muscular dystrophy, or MD, is actually a group of muscle disorders that cause your muscles to become weak and wasted MD  refers to a genetic disease wherein the muscle fibers get easily damaged and progressively deteriorate.

This condition affects both the voluntary and involuntary muscles as well as the skeletal muscles. The internal organs could be affected too. As it is hereditary, individuals suffering from this condition received a defective gene from their parents. MD causes breathing and swallowing problems as well as muscle contracture.

Menopause: Severe menopause symptoms can greatly affect your wellbeing You can work with your doctor to establish a plan for a healthy lifestyle including a nutritious diet, physical activity, and stress management skills.

Menopause is time in a woman's life when her periods (menstruation) eventually stop and the body goes through changes that no longer allow her to get pregnant. It is a natural event that normally occurs in women age 45 - 55 or 30s(early menopause/60s(late menopause). Some women have few complaints, while others have severe symptoms that affect their quality of life.  Menopause also be seen as a positive beginning of a new phase of life, with opportunities to take preventive action against major health risks.

ECZEMA: Atopic dermatitis: A chronic skin condition that commonly starts during infancy and continues through into childhood.

Eczema is a skin condition caused by inflammation. Atopic dermatitis is the most common of the many types of eczema. While the word "dermatitis" means inflammation of the skin, "atopic" refers to an allergic tendency, which is often inherited. If you have eczema, it is important to take good care of your skin. Take warm (not hot!) baths on a regular basis and immediately applying moisturizers afterward will help keep your skin moist. Also  in order for prescription medications to be most effective, a proper bathing and moisturizing regimen is required.

It's Hernia Awareness Month

People of all ages and sexes can develop hernias. Usually, there is no clear cause of a hernia.Sometimes, hernias occur with heavy lifting, straining while using the toilet, or any activity that raises the pressure inside the belly.Hernias may be present at birth, but the bulge may not be noticeable until later in life. Also, some persons have a family history of hernias. 

There are many types of hernias, including the following: 

  • Inguinal hernias – in the groin
  • Umbilical – surrounding the belly button
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