Give Your Children The Best Opportunity To Grow Into Healthy, Confident .Adults.
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Give Your Children The Best Opportunity To Grow Into Healthy, Confident .Adults.

Chances are, you already know the basics of  taking good care of your children, like offering them healthy foods, making sure they get enough sleep and exercise and insuring their safetyHowever  you could take even better care of them and yourself , help prevent health problems, and address mind and body issues, by being a positive role model.

Schedule and keep medical appointments
It is important for children to get regular checkups with their health care provider. 
  • These visits are a chance to check your child's development. 
  • They are also a good time to catch or prevent problems.

Alcohol and Drugs
Your kids and teens are used to learning from you. 
  • Talk to them about the dangers of drinking alcohol, using drugs, and driving while under the influence.
  • Set a good example by never driving after using alcohol or taking drugs.

Dental care
You love to see your kids smile. Help keep their teeth healthy by taking these simple steps.

  • Do not leave a bottle with your baby at nap or bed time. Falling asleep with sugary drinks — including milk, formula, and fruit juice — can cause tooth decay.
  • Brush your children's teeth and teach them to brush and floss their own teeth once they are old enough.
  • Talk to your doctor about when to schedule your child’s first dental visit. See the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.
  • Teenagers should floss daily, use fluoride toothpaste, and go to all regularly scheduled cleanings and exams.

Childhood Vaccines
Be sure to let your Child get the Vaccines he/she needs.
  • Vaccinations usually start when your child is 2 months old and most are finished by the time he or she is 6 years old.
  • Vaccines not only help keep your child healthy, they help all children by stamping out serious childhood diseases.
  • Influenza Vaccine Uptake in Young Children Leads to Fewer Hospitalizations
  • Vaccines have made many serious childhood diseases rare today. Talk to your family doctor if you have any questions.

Ensure that your children’s diet is as nutritious and wholesome as possible, even while allowing for some of their favorite treats.
  •  A good dinner doesn't have to be fancy, but it should be balanced: whole-grain bread, rice, or pasta; a fruit or a vegetable; and a protein source like lean meat, cheese, or beans.
  • Go food shopping with your children. Let them see all the different fruits and vegetables and have them pick out new ones to try.
  • Prepare one meal for everybody and serve it family-style so the kids can pick and choose what they want.
  • Children often mimic their parents' behavior, so one of these days, they'll eat most of the food you serve them.
  • Have your child help to prepare foods. Often they will be more willing to try something when they helped to make it.
  • By encouraging healthy eating habits now, you can make a huge impact on your children’s lifelong relationship with food and give them the best opportunity to grow into healthy, confident adults.

There’s nothing wrong with kids being busy as long as they also have plenty of chances to relax and unwind.

  •  Relaxation is a key to good mental health and well being and it’s an important life skill for kids to learn.

When your child becomes anxious, create calmness through your words, voice and facial expression.

Be a good role model by being a resilient adult rather than an adult who’s continually stressed and has no real life outside immediate family and work.
 Encourage your kids to do things for themselves and focus more on what they’re doing, rather than the result, to help them grow, develop and become self-confident.

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