DRY EYES SNDROME- AWARENESS - Chronic Dry Eye is a disease and that there is medical treatment available.
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DRY EYES SNDROME- AWARENESS - Chronic Dry Eye is a disease and that there is medical treatment available.

Tears bathe the surface of the eye, keeping it moist, and wash away dust and debris. They also help protect the eye from bacterial and other types of infections.

Dry eye syndrome is a condition in which the eyes are unable to produce a sufficient amount of tears, which can lead to irritation and redness in the eyes. 

DRY EYES SYNDROME, has a number of potential causes, including;
  • Eyelid problems, 
  • Skin disease on or around the eyelids can result in dry eye.
  • Diseases of the glands in the eyelids, such as meibomian gland dysfunction, can cause dry eye.
  • Women who are on hormone replacement therapy may experience dry eye symptoms. 
  • Both excessive and insufficient dosages of vitamins
  • Loss of sensation in the cornea from long-term contact lens wear can lead to dry eye.
  • Dry eye can be associated with immune system disorders such as Sjögren's syndrome, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

  • Dry eye can be a symptom of chronic inflammation of the conjunctiva, the membrane lining the eyelid and covering the front part of the eye, or the lacrimal gland. Chronic conjunctivitis can be caused by certain eye diseases, infection, exposure to irritants such as chemical fumes and tobacco smoke, or drafts from air conditioning or heating.

  • Dry eye may occur from exposure keratitis, in which the eyelids do not close completely during sleep.

  • Medications 
  • Environmental factors
  • Allergies
  • Tasks that require enough concentration that you blink less often, such as; working at a computer, Driving and Reading

Signs and symptoms, which usually affect both eyes, may include:
  • stinging or burning of the eye;
  • a sandy or gritty feeling as if something is in the eye;
  • episodes of excess tears following very dry eye periods;
  • a stringy discharge from the eye;
  • pain and redness of the eye;
  • episodes of blurred vision;
  • heavy eyelids;
  • inability to cry when emotionally stressed;
  • uncomfortable contact lenses;
  • decreased tolerance of reading, working on the computer, or any activity that requires sustained visual attention; 
  • eye fatigue.

If you have any of these symptoms, Consult an eye care professional to get an accurate diagnosis of the condition and begin treatment to avoid permanent damage. If left untreated, this condition can lead to pain, ulcers, or scars on the cornea,and some loss of vision. However, permanent loss of vision from dry eye is uncommon.

Take care of your Eyes
  • Avoid Smoking 
  • Eat Healthy Foods 
  • Stay Active 
  • Control Your Blood Pressure 
  • Protect Your Eyes from the Sun 
  • Wear UV-blocking sunglasses and a brimmed hat outdoors
  • Learn of any family history of eye disease
  • Use Cosmetics safely
  • Use Contact lenses safely

  • Avoid dry conditions and allow your eyes to rest when performing activities that require you to use your eyes for long periods of time. Instill lubricating eye drops while performing these tasks.

 Chronic Dry Eye is sometimes called dry eye disease or dry eye syndrome.It is also known by the medical name keratoconjunctivitis sicca.   

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